Prenatal Classes

We offer prenatal classes for pregnant people and their companions in a weekend format. These provide you with the opportunity to prepare for the arrival of your child. It is important to us to empower you so that you can trust in your own ability to make this important journey.

We will give you a picture of the birth process and the time afterwards. As relaxation and breathing techniques are helpful during birth (and in everyday life), we will familiarise you with them. By learning about birth positions and massages, you can gain experience together. It will become clearer how your companion can support you during labour.

Postnatal period, breastfeeding and being with the baby round off the preparation for the upcoming event. We guide you to playfully become aware of your family image and your ideas about parenthood and give you space to exchange ideas.

Our classes are aimed at all parents-to-be, regardless of planned birth place and how many children have already been born. We look forward to seeing you!

Current Dates

Stand: 15.09.2023
March 2024Birth preparation class in English with midwife Federica Fiore02/03/2024 from 10 am to 5 pm


Please register at Hebamio for the class you would like to attend.


The classes take place at

Midwife Collective Mittendrin

Esmarchstr. 20, 10407 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

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Class Fees

For all pregnant people with statutory health insurance in Germany, the costs of the prenatal classes are covered in full by the health insurance provider.

The class fee to be paid by the accompanying person is 150 €. Health insurance providers reimburse different amounts.