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An exhilarating experience

The experience fills me with strength and wonder and I would like to shout it to the world: it was an exhilarating experience! I want another child so that I can experience this magical moment of birth again. Read full story “An exhilarating experience”


Universal love

In this oasis called Maja fear is accepted, it does not need to be denied. By being able to let it out, one is not paralysed by its presence, but can concentrate on the essential. A space where we feel cared for, respected and loved. A love that can only be felt when the other has understood that we are all one, that there is no my baby or your baby, but that the love that one feels from one’s own centre expands in all dimensions, caressing everyone equally. Read full story “Universal love”


Joy of birth

On 18 October 2019, our daughter Edna Sol was born at home in our flat. Edna’s birthday was a celebration for me and for all the other people who were lucky enough to be there. My positive attitude towards birth, which I adopted during my preparation for this moment, was certainly one of the reasons why I was able to give birth in a powerful and self-determined way. It is for this reason that I am keen to write down and share my birth story to encourage other women to organise the birth of their child or children exactly as they wish. Read full story “Joy of birth”


Well prepared for birth

The evening before I felt the first contractions, we encouraged our daughter – still cosy and protected in my belly – to set off. Whether she heard us or whether we encouraged ourselves with our words, we don’t really know. In any case, our midwives Vanessa and Peter helped to raise our awareness for this moment – we simply felt ready. As a midwife team, Vanessa and Peter took turns at the prenatal appointments. In addition to the standard check-ups,… Read full story “Well prepared for birth”


A Wednesday in July

It was a Wednesday in July, in the middle of the week and in the middle of the day. My son sticks his head in the living room door, screws up his face a little and asks: “What’s that?” “That’s the placenta,” replies my midwife. Do you want to have a look?” “Nah,” says Janosch, and dashes out again. We laugh and are happy about life. About the big – and the small. My youngest daughter Juno Marie is less… Read full story “A Wednesday in July”


Birth centre was my plan, but…

Right from the start, it seemed only logical to me to go to a birth centre for the birth of my first child. Firstly, I had never been in hospital myself before and secondly, I think it’s right and wonderful that the pre/post-natal care and birth can be accompanied by one and the same person. My son was already 11 days past his due date. If I had planned a hospital birth, I probably wouldn’t have had this freedom. The… Read full story “Birth centre was my plan, but…”


Proud and very grateful

We gave birth to our sweet daughter at Geburtshaus Maja. When I think about the birth, I am above all proud and very grateful. Grateful that we chose this place to give birth. I am proud because the birth was very long and exhausting and we all – mum, dad, baby and midwife – held out until the end and we were able to experience a natural birth that I will remember forever. Read full story “Proud and very grateful”


Great work by midwives

There were three things that made a big impression on me at the birth centre: the time for your needs, the peace and quiet to “wind down” and the serenity that everything would be fine. The great work of the midwives, who constantly educated me and showed me new things and were always ready for an open discussion. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience to give birth to my own child in this place. Read full story “Great work by midwives”


Hurrah for midwives and birth centres

Everything is great at the birth centre. The people are fantastic, both professionally and personally. The rooms are great, the beds are great, the tubs are great. The whole atmosphere is just great. The girls there really know what they’re doing and the attention and help they give you during pre- and postnatal care and the birth is something money can’t buy. Hurrah for all midwives and birth centres! Read full story “Hurrah for midwives and birth centres”


A completely natural way

Due to its size, the warm interior, the familiar atmosphere and the friendly staff, we really liked Geburtshaus Maja right from the start. Our midwife looked after us during the pregnancy and so we had time to get to know each other. The care I received always reinforced my feeling that giving birth to a little person is a completely natural process. Read full story “A completely natural way”


Simply wonderful!

I am infinitely grateful for the birth of our son! Little things like listening to my own music, the lighting conditions, the atmosphere… simply wonderful! I would do the same again with my second child. A great experience and so enriching to have a natural birth. A big THANK YOU <3  Read full story “Simply wonderful!”


Wonderful experience, from which I emerged stronger as a woman

I had hoped that the birth of my first child would go so quickly and smoothly, but I hadn’t necessarily expected it. At no point during the birth did I doubt that I was in the right place. The birth at the birth centre was a wonderful experience for me, from which I emerged stronger as a woman. If there was to be a sibling, I would always choose to give birth here again. Read full story “Wonderful experience, from which I emerged stronger as a woman”


Knew that she would walk the path with me as I imagined it

Last year, I was looked after by a midwife from Geburtshaus Maja during my pregnancy, birth and postnatal period and felt very well looked after by her. From the very beginning, she made me feel that she was there for me completely and, above all, that she had confidence in my decisions, both with regard to medical appointments and everything to do with the birth. I always knew that she would walk the path with me as I imagined it. Read full story “Knew that she would walk the path with me as I imagined it”


Encouraged to trust

We felt we were in safe hands with the Maja midwife team right from the start. From the very beginning, I was encouraged to trust my body and my baby so that I could prepare for the birth with good feelings. The rooms at Geburtshaus Maja radiate safety and warmth. We felt comfortable there right from the start. Read full story “Encouraged to trust”


At every second the feeling that everything was fine

My partner and I immediately liked Maja so much that we registered there straight away. We felt that we were in excellent hands there throughout our pregnancy. The care during the birth was also great. At every second I had the feeling that everything was fine and that I could just concentrate fully on the birth. Read full story “At every second the feeling that everything was fine”


Intimate, calm atmosphere

Geburtshaus Maja with its intimate, calm atmosphere immediately appealed to me. It was important to me that I and the child could have time for the birth, that there would only be intervention if absolutely necessary and that we would initially be given the confidence to manage it ourselves. And I experienced this in both pregnancies, births and postnatal care. Read full story “Intimate, calm atmosphere”


Loving and supportive care

I felt very well looked after during my pregnancy. The midwives are always up to date with almost all the latest findings. They took a lot of time for every examination and also showed consideration for the person accompanying me. Despite a very rapid birth, the midwives remained very calm and gave me great support and guidance. Read full story “Loving and supportive care”

Viet Ni

No better place to give birth to our baby

When everything went faster than expected on the “birthday”, it was only half an hour from our arrival at the birth centre until our daughter was born. Our midwife stood by my side calmly and competently. I couldn’t have imagined a better place for our baby to be born, I really like the Maja birth centre. Read full story “No better place to give birth to our baby”


Very relaxed atmosphere, great all-round care

Very relaxed atmosphere, great all-round care from the midwives and full self-determination. We were able to go home just a few hours after the birth and get to know each other in peace. I would give birth to any further child in a birth centre and can only encourage everyone to do the same. Read full story “Very relaxed atmosphere, great all-round care”