Intimate, calm atmosphere


I gave birth to both my children at Geburtshaus Maja in Prenzlauer Berg. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was amazed to realise how early you have to decide where to give birth. I had only just realised that I was really pregnant and that I was going to stay pregnant when I had to choose the type of delivery – and confront the pain of birth.

I am very glad that I was able to give birth at Geburtshaus Maja. We had also done the prenatal class with Susanne at the birth centre, which confirmed our decision (even against the advice of some family members). Geburtshaus Maja with its intimate, calm atmosphere immediately appealed to me. Our midwife was Sabine and she gave me all the freedom I needed (prenatal care with the gynaecologist or with her, at Maja or at home) and provided me with competent and empowering information on all my questions. It was important to me that I and the child could have time for the birth, that there would only be intervention if absolutely necessary and that we would initially be given the confidence to manage it ourselves. And I experienced this in both pregnancies, births and postnatal care. The birth centre and, of course, the continuous, competent and loving care of midwife Sabine created an atmosphere of trust in ourselves in relation to this great task and challenge of having children.