At every second the feeling that everything was fine


I always knew that I didn’t want to go to hospital for the birth of a child. I was a home birth myself and my niece was born in a birth centre. So I was already familiar with alternatives to hospitals.

My partner and I immediately liked Maja so much that we registered there straight away. We felt that we were in excellent hands there throughout our pregnancy. Our personal midwife was always very friendly, competent and made me feel that I was in good hands at all times. At Maja, they take a lot of time to look after pregnant women, which is a very pleasant contrast to the hectic pace of most doctors’ surgeries. You never have the feeling that you have to hurry and can talk about everything to do with your child in peace and quiet.

The care during the birth was also great. At every second I had the feeling that everything was fine and that I could just concentrate fully on the birth. Although our midwife had already had a very long working day the day before, she remained calm, professional and friendly the whole time and accompanied us through the labour. It is very pleasant to have a midwife at your side who you have already got to know throughout your pregnancy. It gives you great confidence and a feeling of security. When my strength waned, she was able to encourage me to keep going. The second midwife, who was called in towards the end of the birth, also gave me excellent support until I was finally able to happily hold my son in my arms.

I am now pregnant again and it was very clear to my partner and I that we would go back to Maja, again with our trusted midwife at our side. My partner’s sister is now also being cared for at Maja and is very happy with her choice.