Encouraged to trust


On 13 April 2018, we gave birth to our son Neo at Geburtshaus Maja in Prenzlauer Berg. That was almost a year ago now and we have very fond memories of the time before the birth, during the birth and after the birth.

We felt we were in safe hands with the Maja midwife team right from the start. From the very beginning, I was encouraged to trust my body and my baby so that I could prepare for the birth with good feelings. The rooms at Geburtshaus Maja radiate safety and warmth. We felt comfortable there right from the start. Thanks to our trust in our midwife, we were able to embark on the birth process calmly and confidently. There was never a moment of uncertainty during the birth. It was wonderful to experience that we were able to take so much time for this event. Nothing made us feel rushed or pressurised. This made the birth of our son a wonderful experience all round.

The pre and post-natal care was very careful, reliable and relaxed. It was a great gift that we were able to enjoy the puerperium to the full in this way and welcome our Neo in peace and love. We would like to thank you for the great time and are glad that you made it possible to bring children into the world in this way. Thank you.