Knew that she would walk the path with me as I imagined it


Last year, I was looked after by a midwife from Geburtshaus Maja during my pregnancy, birth and postnatal period and felt very well looked after by her. From the very beginning, she made me feel that she was there for me completely and, above all, that she had confidence in my decisions, both with regard to medical appointments and everything to do with the birth. I always knew that she would walk the path with me as I imagined it. We had an intensive dialogue, especially with regard to the planned home birth. This meant I could be sure that we would have a wonderful birth and that it would be self-determined. During the birth, she behaved as calmly and discreetly as was perfect for me. Without much intervention, I was able to deliver our son in my hands in a relatively quick labour. I am very grateful for the support and guidance I received from our midwife and would recommend the entire birth centre without reservation to any mum-to-be who is looking for natural, self-determined care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period without major intervention.