Wonderful experience, from which I emerged stronger as a woman


After our first meeting at the birth centre, it was clear to us that we wanted to experience the birth of our daughter here. Not only did we hear the most beautiful birth reports from friends of Geburtshaus Maja, but we also felt very comfortable, well advised and looked after from the outset. I had midwife Vanessa at my side for the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, who looked after me and us with her wonderfully calm manner and accompanied us through this time. During the check-ups, I always had the feeling that I was in good hands and receiving competent advice and that I had a great woman at my side, both professionally and personally.

The birth began very early in the morning at home with a rupture of the membranes. After briefly collecting myself and waking my husband, I called Vanessa, who invited us to the birth centre at 11am with her relaxed and calm manner. “Try to get as much sleep as possible,” she said. With so much adrenaline in my blood – easier said than done. At the birth centre, Vanessa listened to the heartbeat and asked about contractions, which were still very weak. The prognosis was that our baby girl might see the light of day at night. I was excited, but at the same time I felt well prepared to embark on this unknown, natural process thanks to the conversations with Vanessa and the prenatal class. We had got to know each other well over the months of pregnancy and Vanessa had my complete trust.

Then everything happened very quickly. At home at midday, the contractions quickly became more and more intense. After a few hours we made an appointment with Vanessa, who first checked on me again at home and examined me. It quickly became clear that we were all going to the birth centre together. Vanessa and my husband prepared the room and were by my side when the next contraction announced itself. In the end, it only took two hours at the birth centre for our daughter to be born.

I had hoped that the birth of my first child would go so quickly and smoothly, but I hadn’t necessarily expected it. At no point during the birth did I doubt that I was in the right place. Vanessa kept me up to date with how the birth was progressing and I felt safe and well supported at all times. Having Vanessa at my side as a professionally trained midwife was a good feeling and I trusted her experience and expertise. The birth at the birth centre was a wonderful experience for me, from which I emerged stronger as a woman and I am very grateful for Vanessa’s support. If there was to be a sibling, I would always choose to give birth here again.